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Choose Target curve

A target curve, or “house curve”, is a visual guide to tune your audio system. The system is “tuned” when the average measurement matches the target curve. HouseCurve displays the selected curve on the magnitude plot when there are measurements:

target curve

Creating and editing curves

The choice of target curve is subject to individual taste. Typically, listeners prefer it when low frequencies are louder than high frequencies. A downward slope of 1 dB/octave is quite common. Let your ears be the judge.

HouseCurve provides a Curve Editor for tweaking curves or making your own. It can be accessed from the more menu More. Curve files can also be imported into HouseCurve. See curve file format for details.

HouseCurve ships with two common curves for home listening: B&K and Harman. These can be selected by going to Plot Setup. Some additional curves are provided below for automobiles. These curves have significantly more bass which is common for automobile listing.

In the audiophile world, a “flat” response is often seen as the ultimate goal. However, for everyday listening, a flat response tends to sound overly “bright” and unpleasant. Try it for yourself: Flat target curve.

Futher reading

Below are some resources for understanding what house curves do and how to choose them:

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