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Measure Screen

HouseCurve’s main interface is the Measure screen. This is where measurements of an audio system are displayed. Additional tools and the help screen can be accessed from the more menu More. The lower toolbar contains controls related to measurement.

Measure screen

Page Control

Tap Page Left or Page Right to move between magnitude, phase and group delay plots plots. Alternatively, swipe from the left or right edge of the screen to change plots.


Tap AirPlay to select from available AirPlay and Bluetooth audio outputs. The analog (wired) output is automatically selected when something is plugged into the iPhone/iPad headphone connector. See connecting to an audio system.

More Menu

Tap More to show additional tools and the help screen.


Tap Measure to start measurement process. Tap again to to stop. This button is disabled when not connected to an audio system.


Tap Undo to discard the most recent measurement. This button is disabled when there are no measurements.

Measure Setup

Tap Measure Setup to show the Measure Setup screen.

Plot Setup

Tap Plot Setup to show the Plot Setup screen.

Save Measurement

Tap Save to save a measurement. This button is disabled when there are no measurements on the plot.

The Plot Mode controls what is saved. In Average mode, the average measurement is saved. In History mode, the most recent measurement is saved. If a measurement with the same name exists, it can be overwritten.


Tap Reset to discard all measurements.

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