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Simple Audio System Tuning

HouseCurve is an iOS app for tuning audio systems. Use it for room correction, adjusting equalizers, setting subwoofer phase, choosing crossover frequencies and more.

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See how it sounds. Compare your audio system to a target curve of your choice quickly and easily.

Made for Tuning

A portable audio analyzer made for tinkering with audio systems. All you need is your iPhone or iPad.


Automatic validation ensures accurate sine sweep measurements of magnitude, phase and group delay.

Room Correction

Equalize your audio system in one step by generating filters for your parametric equalizer or convolution engine.

Subwoofer Phase

Time align your subwoofer with confidence and enjoy fast and tight bass.

Crossover Selection

Avoid the guesswork. Measure how individual speakers perform and choose the right crossover frequency.


Connect to your audio system with AirPlay, Bluetooth, headphone jack (analog) or just play the sweep file manually.


Achieve great results with just your iPhone or iPad. Use external calibrated microphones for additional accuracy.


Need help? Follow step by step instructions on how to measure and tune your audio system.

Try HouseCurve for free

Visit this page to download the free version.

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