Simple audio system tuning




What Does HouseCurve Do?

HouseCurve is a tool for visually comparing the sound of your audio system to a reference curve.


How does it work?

HouseCurve was designed for tuning audio systems. For example, manually adjusting an equalizer in a home or car stereo.

HouseCurve works by playing a few seconds of pink noise through your audio system and measuring the in-room frequency response. Multiple measurements are averaged to fully capture how the system sounds in the listening area. Measurements are displayed on top of the reference curve, making it easy to determine how to adjust your system. By making small adjustments and repeating measurements, you can tune your system to the reference curve.

HouseCurve was designed to produce acceptable results with the iPhone / iPad microphone. For users wanting higher accuracy, HouseCurve also supports calibrated external microphones.

For custom reference curves and microphone calibration, HouseCurve supports the following (de facto) standard: A space or tab delimited text file with a frequency (Hz) followed by a gain (dB) on each line. A third phase value may be included but is ignored. Lines starting with non-numeric characters are ignored. Frequencies must be listed in increasing order. HouseCurve will interpolate a curve from 20-20000 Hz using the values provided. The file extension may be txt or frd.

Example Reference Curve

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