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Simple Audio System Tuning

HouseCurve is an iOS app for tuning audio systems. Use it to adjust equalizers, set subwoofer phase, choose crossovers, match levels and more.

housecurve main


  • Sine sweep measurements
  • Display magnitude, phase and group delay
  • Compare measurements to target curve
  • Generate parametric equalizer settings
  • Export equalizer settings to file
  • Average and history display modes
  • Measurement save and undo
  • Use with built-in or external microphones
  • Connect with AirPlay, Bluetooth, headphone jack (analog) or use externally played sweeps


HouseCurve measures in-room frequency response by listening to your audio system play a sine sweep. Measurements are displayed on top of a target curve, making it easy to see where adjustment is needed. Multiple measurements can be averaged to fully capture how the system sounds in the listening area. With small changes and repeat measurements, you can manually tune your system to the target curve. If your audio system has a parametric equalizer, HouseCurve can automatically generate filter settings to match the target curve.

HouseCurve can help with home and car audio system tuning, from system equalization and room correction to subwoofer time alignment and speaker placement. Visit for more information on how HouseCurve works and how to use it.

HouseCurve will produce acceptable results with the built in iPhone/iPad microphone. Using calibrated external microphones will provide higher accuracy.

Free Trial

Visit this page with an iPhone or iPad for a free trial.


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How to use HouseCurve

How to tune an audio system

Privacy Policy

HouseCurve does not collect, use, store or transfer personal data. With your permission, Apple collects app analytics to help developers improve their apps. For more information, see Apple Privacy Policy.


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