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Equalize Tool

The Equalize Tool can be accessed from the more menu More on the Measure screen. It is the main interface for automatic equalization / room correction. The plot area displays the filters used to correct a saved measurement to a target curve. The lower toolbar contains controls related to equalization.

Equalize tool

Predicted output

The predicted magnitude measurement is shown in cyan. After applying the correction filters, the measured magnitude response should be close to this.

Correction filters

The filters needed to correct the saved measurement (grey) to the target curve (yellow) are shown in magenta.

Filter Detail

Tap Detail to show the individual filter parameters. HouseCurve’s biquad filters are based on the Audio EQ Cookbook by Robert Bristow-Johnson. Where Frequency is the center frequency of the filter. Gain is in dB and Q is the width of the filter (constant Q).

Plot Setup

Tap Plot Setup to show the Plot Setup screen. Use this to select target curves and saved measurements.

Equalize Setup

Tap Equalize Setup to show the Equalize Setup screen.

Filter Export

Tap Export to show the Filter Export screen.

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