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The Curve Editor can be accessed from the more menu More on the Measure screen.

Curve Edit screen

Target curve and points

The editor supports curves with up to 20 points. Drag points to adjust the curve. Add points with a single tap. Remove points with a double tap.

The target curve fit setting controls how curves appear on the plot. The curve can be auto fit to a saved measurement (if selected), otherwise the curve is shifted to the manual setting.


A cursor will appear when a curve point is dragged. It displays the frequency and un-shifted value (ie: as it would appear in a curve file, before curve fit is applied).

Reset Curve

Tap Reset to discard changes to the target curve. This button is disabled when there are no changes.

Save Curve

Tap Save to save changes to the target curve. Changes must be saved to use the curve in the rest of the application. This button is disabled when there are no changes. Note - curves that come included with HouseCurve cannot be edited.

Edit Status

Displays the name of the curve, if it has been changed, and curve fit setting.

Plot Setup

Tap Plot Setup to show the Plot Setup screen. Use this to choose curves and adjust fitting.

Curve Source

Tap Plot Setup to view and edit the target curve “source” file. This screen is handy for cutting and pasting curve points, ex: from internet forums.

New Curve

Tap Plot Setup to create a new target curve.

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