Simple audio system tuning

How To Use HouseCurve

  1. Connect iPhone/iPad to the audio system using AirPlay, Bluetooth or line out (headphone connector).
  2. Set initial volume to a low setting using the Volume Up / Down buttons on the side of the iPhone/iPad.
  3. Press the Measure button. HouseCurve will play pink noise through the audio system and measure the frequency response. This process will take a few seconds.
  4. Adjust volume as needed to obtain successful measurements. Ideally, measurements should be taken at a normal listening level. Excessive volume levels may degrade accuracy and may increase risk of damage to hearing and/or equipment.
  5. HouseCurve displays measurements in green. Individual measurements are faint green, the average is bold green.
  6. The reference curve is displayed in yellow with a +/- 3 dB band. When tuning the audio system, the goal is to get the average measurement within the reference band.
  7. Collect additional measurements by pressing the Measure button again. Each new measurement will be included in the average.
  8. To clear the measurements, press Reset once. The average will remain on the plot in purple so that it can be compared to new measurements. Press Reset again to clear it.


Try to reduce background noise as this will improve accuracy.

Take many measurements. Try to cover all the places a listener might be in the listening area. Try to hold the microphone where a listener’s ears would be located. The average measurement will cancel out small variances allowing a best-fit tune for the whole listening area.

Tune the audio system in small steps, collecting the same measurements after each change. When most of the average measurement is within the reference band, the audio system is sufficiently tuned. Further tuning may not be perceptible.

When using HouseCurve with compensation turned on, the built in iPhone/iPad microphone is accurate enough to get within a few dB of the reference curve. HouseCurve supports calibrated external microphones for users seeking higher accuracy. Go to Setup to select or load external microphone calibrations.

HouseCurve provides some common reference curves or “house curves”. The selection of curve is subject to individual taste. Custom curves may also be imported by going to Setup. When in doubt go with the default curve.

Plot smoothing and frequency scale can be changed at any time by going to Setup.

HouseCurve measurements may be affected by iPhone/iPad cases.