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Quick Start

  1. Connect iPhone/iPad to your audio system, see connecting for details.
  2. Set volume to a low setting with the iPhone/iPad volume buttons.
  3. Tap Measure to start measurement process. HouseCurve will play a test signal through the audio system.
  4. Adjust volume to a normal listening level, repeating measurements as needed.
  5. See measurement failures for troubleshooting help.
  6. Measurements are displayed on the plot in green, the target curve is displayed in yellow with a +/- 3 dB band. When tuning, the goal is to get the average measurement within the target band.
  7. Collect additional measurements by tapping Measure
  8. Remove the most recent measurement by tapping Undo
  9. Clear all measurements by tapping Reset
  10. Switch between plot types tapping Page Left or Page Right or swipe left/right from the edge of the screen.
  11. Tap plot to show cursor, move with single finger, tap again to hide.
  12. Pinch plot to zoom. Use two fingers to scroll plot left/right.

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