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Connecting to an audio system

HouseCurve sends a test signal to your audio system and measures the result using a microphone. This is shown in the diagram below.

connecting housecurve

HouseCurve can connect to the audio system wirelessly using AirPlay or Bluetooth. Tap AirPlay at the top right of the screen to see a list of wireless outputs.

Alternatively, the headphone connector can be used to create a wired connection to the audio system. Use a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter.

If direct connection is not possible, HouseCurve can use external stimulus. In this mode, the audio system is responsible for playing the test signal and HouseCurve listens for it when measuring. The test signal must be manually transferred to the audio system (ex: SD card, CD, streaming library).

AirPlay peculiarities

To use HouseCurve with AirPlay, you must tap AirPlay at the top right. Connections established using the iOS Control Center or Apple Music are not recognized by HouseCurve (this is an iOS limitation related to long form audio and recording).

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